We understand your requirements and expectations, which is why one of our key services is custom production.

We can freely change the dimensions and colors of all products from the standard offer. We will adapt them to your specific requirements so that they fit perfectly into the interior.
We also specialize in custom solutions under a special order. We are able to execute any production-ready order.

As part of the service, we offer support and advice by experienced designers and technologists at every stage of product development.

You have a plan, but you do not know how it should look like? We will help you.
You know exactly what you want, but you have a problem with the technical drawing? We will help you.
Are you a designer and this is your own project? We will help you.

Do you have an idea for your hanger, table or other metal piece of furniture? We will make it for you according to your idea. Write to us at: biuro@studio-62.pl or call: 509 175 768.