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If you have questions or concerns, we can help. We are at your disposal every day. Write or call and we will help you.

About us

STUDIO-62 was created out of love for interiors. As a producer, we want the everyday space that surrounds us to be extraordinary, which is why we deal with creating products dedicated to people who want to fill their interiors with original ideas. All the products we offer are made with care using traditional tools and techniques.
We give you a collection of METAlove furniture and accessories. These are metal hangers, racks, tables, consoles.
We also make swings and clocks from metal!
The METAlove collection is still growing.

Individual realizations

In addition to the products in regular sale, we offer you the opportunity to buy on individual order. We give you the opportunity to create your own ideas for METAlove. You do not have to be familiar with design or technical drawings. Everything you need is an idea and we will try to implement it for you. Our designers will prepare proposals according to your guidelines and technicians will tailor them to your needs.

Payments and delivery

Once you decide to buy and choose the color of the product, we will start to process your order immediately after making the payment. We approach each order with full focus and solicitude, which is why the delivery time is up to 4 weeks. We will deliver your order by courier to the address indicated by you.

  • The deadline is up to 4 weeks
  • Shipment by courier
  • Delivery throughout Europe